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Gilmore Girls, the colour Orange and why I started this blog

June 4, 2017


I finished Gilmore Girls last week.  I discovered it late.  I vaguely remember feeling like Gilmore Girls was constantly on T4 (the teenage part of the UK TV channel, Channel 4) back in the noughties and it annoyed me that this TV programme where nothing seemed to happen was so heavily featured.  It was always on!  A Netflix subscription, a colleague with good taste and time to kill while travelling for work led me to the light and I fell in love with the show.  


For the last six months Gilmore Girls has been almost the only TV programme that I have watched on my own, peppered with a bit of Jane the Virgin and RuPaul's Drag Race.  The only other things I have dedicated more time to is my boyfriend and my job.  The slow pace of the show bathes you in a warm glow that assures you that no peril is too hard to bare especially if you have an Ivy League education and an affluent family to support you along the way.  The end of the show for me seems to have left a disturbingly large chasm in my life which I should now be spending reading thought-provoking literature and perhaps dabbling in some watercolour arts.  However, I seem to have found myself scouring Netflix trying to find something with as equally as rich a set of female characters as Gilmore Girls.  


Gilmore Girls' youngest led character, Rory, loves to write and that inspired me.  It is only recently while I have honed my skills as a marketing copywriter that I have felt confident in my writing skills.  At school, my spelling and reading skills were dismal and that mindset stuck with me.  I wanted to write articles that I would be interested to read, the same way that I liked to watch characters in Gilmore Girls that I could relate to and where the stories explore being a woman, a daughter, a mother and living in the modern world.  


Lately, I have also been drawn to the colour Orange.  I even bought my blog planning notebook in the orange (a Leuchtturm, the dream notebook for Bullet Journaling).  It felt symbolic as the colour orange is associated with meanings of enthusiasm, creativity, success, change, determination, stimulation, happiness, enjoyment, expression and fascination.  It is true, I felt this rejuvenated sense of enthusiasm and creativity as I embarked on this new project for me. 


So, there you have it.  Where does Gilmore Girls and the colour Orange lead you?  To Frosted Feather, a yoga and ethical lifestyle blog.  Well, perhaps not for everyone, but these two things, amongst a few other shifting sands in my life, led me to embark on this exciting new blog; welcome to Frosted Feather.  Let me welcome you to read more about the very best environmentally friendly and socially aware brands, to learn to live that little bit more ethically and to read interesting articles on subjects ranging from feminism to yoga to mindfulness. ​​



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