Incorporating journalling in to your yoga practice

August 20, 2020

I often find that when I do yoga either in a class (oh, how I miss in person classes) or when I practise at home, I find that this is when creative ideas seemingly 'pop' in to my head, when solutions come to mind about an ongoing problem or when a different perspective arises.  This is where journalling can add an extra dimension and inspiration to your yoga practice. 


I usually have a notebook at hand to jot down these thoughts, ideas, or solutions so that they do not distract me too much, but I also love to be a little bit more purposeful with my journalling with my journalling by using journal prompts.  Journalling can be a tool to explore yoga beyond the physical yoga practice.  As Patanjali writes in the Yoga Sutras, the physical practice of yoga only comprises one of the eight limbs of yoga.  Other limbs include meditation, pranayama (or breath work), concentration, ethical observances as well as the Niyamas, which has to do with self-discipline and self-observance.  One of these Niyamas, is self-study (or Svadhyaya) and journalling is a lovely tool to study both ourselves and the tradition of yoga.  Next time you settle down for an at home yoga practice, why incorporate an element of journalling either before or after you movement and/or meditation.  You can even experiment with where you incoporate the journalling to see how it changes your practice.  Here are a few journalling prompt suggestions or feel free to seek out your own, if these do not resonate with you. 


  1. Write a note to yourself, welcoming yourself to your practice and welcoming yourself just as you are, right now.  

  2. Imagine you are looking at a photograph of yourself from a time where you felt at ease.  This can be a made up image or a real memory.  What environment are you in?  What surrounds you?  What do you look like when you feel at ease?  What is your posture?  What does it feel like to be you in this moment? 

  3. What keeps you from feeling grounded?  What helps you to feel more grounded?  What can you do today to feel more grounded? 

  4. What are 5 energy investments that light you up and what are five energy investments that dim you down? 

  5. What did you learn from your practice today? 

  6. What in your life are you grateful for? 

  7. How can I apply the theme of the practice to my life right now?


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