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The state of my make-up bag: 7 cruelty-free everyday make-up products

July 9, 2017


Here is a photo of the mucky contents of my make-up bag.  You can tell that I use and love these products everyday.  I love to wear make-up and I enjoy the therapeutic ritual of applying it in the morning.  I thought the best way to start my journey on this blog is by assessing the state of my make-up bag.


Since I have started my ethical lifestyle journey, my rule for make-up is, if the brand I am using is not at least cruelty-free then I will not be using it.  That being said, I am not going to waste products so once I am finished with a particular product, I will be on the look out for an ethical replacement.  Since we have that out of the way, as many a YouTube beauty guru utters, “Without further a do, let’s jump right in”.


The cruelty-free everyday make-up products in my bag


1. Kiko Definition Waterproof Eyeliner


It makes sense to start with when I became more conscious of cruelty-free make-up.  A friend of mine visited and let’s jus say, we had rather a heavy night.  The next morning her eyeliner was perfect, not a smudge out of line.  She told me that it was the Kiko Definition Waterproof Eyeliner and gushed at the quality and price of the product but did highlight that perhaps it meant that is wasn’t cruelty-free.  A light bulb pinged in my head and to be honest it was the first time I had thought about this issue for a long time.  I was already interested and using natural beauty products but I had probably hadn’t thought about animal testing since I was a teenager.  I immediately searched online and found that Kiko is a cruelty free brand that does not test on animals; one point to me, one point to Kiko and one point to any future eye lining.  If I had to recommend only one product in this list, then it would have to be this one!


2. Morphe Deluxe Buffer Brush (M439)


I am obsessed with YouTube make-up tutorials and I find them very relaxing, the perfect thing to watch when I get home from work and need to shut off for a little bit.  I watch quite a few different YouTube beauty gurus and Jaclyn Hill is probably the most well know, she has a huge following with over 4 millions subscribers to her YouTube channel.  I bought Morphe Deluxe Buffer Brush (M439) after watching her favourite Morphe brushes video.  I found to my delight that all Morphe brushes are vegan and cruelty-free.  As Jaclyn explains in the video, this is her must have Morphe brush.  The brush puts your foundation on so smoothly and it looks really natural, I couldn’t agree with Jaclyn more.


3. Real Techniques Concealer Brush


This brush is another recommendation from a YouTube beauty channel, Pixiwoo.  I love Sam and Nic’s style and the make-up tutorials are always so wearable and pretty, with lots of different styles and techniques.  Their tutorials are always the ones I try out on myself!  Sam and Nic work with Real Techniques to produce make-up brushes.  I was on the look out for a concealer brush so I purchased the Real Techniques Concealer Brush as the brand is vegan and cruelty-free.  Unfortunately, I don’t like the brush so much.  It is essentially a small flat foundation brush and I find that it leaves my concealer streaky.  I actually never see them using this particular brush in their videos; they tend to use a small buffing brush similar in shape to my Morphe foundation brush so I am keen to try that particular brush.


4. Rosie For Autograph Cream Blusher


Rosie for Autograph at Marks and Spencer is another cruelty-free make-up brand.  I love the ethos of Marks and Spencer, it is well respected and I have found their products to be very high quality.  My skin tends to be quite dry so I love blusher that give me a soft, dewy finish that will last all day.  Cream blusher is the perfect solution.  I love the colour of the Rosie For Autograph Cream Blusher and I can easily pop it onto the apples of my cheeks with my fingers.  The packaging is a pretty rose gold case that I happily carry around with me.


5. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer Cool Medium 2


Collection is such an affordable brand that you can find in both Boots and Superdrug so I was delighted to find out that it is cruelty-free.  You cannot fault this concealer simply because it is so darn cheap.  I do add a little bit of Benefit High Beam to the concealer to brighten my under eyes.  My only fault is that it is a little bit drying for me as it seems to rest in the wrinkles under my eyes so I am on the hunt for a more brightening and lighter concealer.


6. Kiko Liquid Skin Second Skin Foundation


You can tell I am a bit of a fan of Kiko.  I think perhaps because I enjoy the shopping experience.  For me, buying make-up is definitely about the ritual and process and the Kiko shops themselves really appeal to me.  The make-up artist at the shop matched the foundation my skin really well.  I love how light the Kiko Liquid Skin Second Skin Foundation is and I feel like it looks really natural so I will definitely be purchasing this again.  I have found a cruelty-free alternative to my beloved Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation!


7. Kiko Longeyes Plus Active Mascara


Another Kiko product, the Kiko Longeyes Plus Active Mascara.  I have only just started using this and again, it is reasonably priced.  I am really happy with it, it definitely adds length to my lashes and separates them nicely without clumping.  One thing to note is that you definitely need to wait for them to dry otherwise it will end up smudging.  Other than that, I would definitely buy this again.


And my one everyday make-up product that isn't cruelty-free


1. Benefit High Beam


The only product that I have that is from a company testing on animals is the Benefit High Beam highlighter.  Honestly, there is so much of this stuff that is has taken me years to get through it.  Once it is finished, I will be on the hunt for a suitable alternative.  To be honest, regardless of their lack of cruelty-free status, I have never been that impressed with Benefit other than enjoying their recognisable packaging.  I like to use this highlighter by mixing it with concealer, which helps to make my face more luminous rather than using it to highlight my cheekbones.  It seems to blend much better using it this way.


All in all, I think I am doing pretty well.  Before I started making a concerted effort to go cruelty-free, I think two thirds of my make-up bag would have been from brands that are testing on animals.  However, now, I am almost there!  Some of the above products have become staples and others, not so much so keep following my journey as I search and test cruelty-free make-up brands while also trying out some green beauty brands too!


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