Become a Patron

Greet yourself with kindness, compassion and gentleness and dedicate time for yourself by becoming a Patron of Yoga with Ailsa.  As a Patron, you will gain access to the Patron Area; home to exclusive Patron benefits all developed, curated, and guided by Ailsa.  These benefits will inspire and ignite your own yoga journey and encourage you to delve a little bit deeper into this enriching and transformational approach to living your life.  As a Patron, you are also supporting the creation of educational and inspirational videos about yoga that are available for everyone to enjoy on the Yoga with Ailsa YouTube channel.  Pricing options are listed below and there are several pricing options to suit your needs.  Payments are set up to recur monthly and can be cancelled at any time.


Earth, Water and Fire Element Patron benefits: 

  • Access to the 30 Days of Yoga 🌞 reflect, reset and begin again with intention. 

  • Monthly Yoga Pose Clinics where I break down iconic yoga poses, providing you with tips on alignment and anatomical information.

  • Monthly Deepen Your Yoga Practice column where I discuss mindfulness, well-being, yoga philosophy and yoga-related books, helping you to broaden your knowledge beyond yoga classes.

  • 15% discount on yoga classes, one-off events and courses (not redeemable for 5 or 10 Class Passes).

Air and Ether Element Patron benefits: 

  • All benefits listed above.

  • Monthly Themed Video Calendar where I create a yoga practice schedule for you to follow, helping you to nurture a rewarding, dedicated and sustained at home yoga practice that enhances your emotional, physical and mental well-being.  

  • On-demand and exclusive video yoga classes and courses (4 yoga videos added to the library each month and hosted alongside all my YouTube videos).

  • On-demand and downloadable audio files of Ailsa's Yoga Nidra & Meditations.

  • Access to Homecoming 🌞 A program for returning to your yoga practice.