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I have practised yoga for over ten years now and I am passionate about sharing the mental and physical benefits of yoga. For me, yoga is not simply a physical movement of the body; it is a form of moving meditation, a tool for stress relief and a practice to help you manage your mind. For me, it has brought me greater clarity with my thoughts, greater meaning to my life and also, a greater appreciation and understanding of life.


I believe that everyone, regardless of economic status, should be able to experience the benefits of yoga.  My vision for my YouTube channel is to create a space where everyone can practise different styles of yoga and where everyone has the opportunity to learn about the tradition of yoga beyond the yoga class.  Yoga with Ailsa is your own virtual yoga studio. 

I have also highlighted six videos especially for corporate wellness.  These videos are suited for anyone who is new to yoga and for anyone who is currently working from home and usually works in an office.  You can find these videos on the Corporate Wellness page

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Filming and producing yoga classes and educational yoga videos to a professional standard is an expensive and time-consuming process with one video taking roughly 6 hours to create from initial conception to going live on YouTube.


Therefore, for those who would like to support my work, I am offering you the opportunity to become a Patron of my channel (£3, £7, £10, £15 or £25 per month).  Patrons will have exclusive access to an area of my website which hosts Patron-only benefits including video calendars for you to follow, pose breakdowns and educational resources for you to deepen your own yoga practice (full list of benefits are detailed on the Become a Patron page).  You can also support my channel by sending a one-off contribution via PayPal.

With your support I will be able to provide additional content for subscribers, help you to develop your own yoga practice, whilst continuing to upload free videos to my channel for everyone to enjoy. 

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