Yoga Classes in Bristol

Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Restorative Yoga classes with Ailsa available across Bristol, United Kingdom. Intelligently sequenced with the anatomy of the body in mind, Ailsa's classes will stretch and strengthen your body. Each class is accompanied with eclectic and thoughtfully selected music and through eloquent cueing, you will calm your mind and de-stress.

Online Livestream Yoga

UPDATE 23RD MARCH 2020: In light of the current global crisis, my teaching timetable has changed and moved completely online.  The changes are reflected in the timetable below.  You can book via the Book Online page and is £5 for drop in.  Each live-stream yoga class is limited to 30 people.  All classes are bookable via MoveGB.  I also upload to my YouTube channel twice a week and you can find out more on the Free Online Videos page. 

UPDATE 27TH JULY 2020: I will be running my online live-stream yoga classes until the end of August with my last class on Wednesday 26th August.  After that I am taking a wee break from teaching weekly Zoom classes so that I can devote some time to expanding my online offering.  I am excited to see what I can create for you and the rest of my yoga students.  I will continue to upload to my YouTube channel every Wednesday and Sunday at 6am (BST).  Thank you to everyone who attended my Zoom classes over the course of lockdown! 

Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

With over 10 years experience practising yoga, Ailsa’s Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes promise to leave you feeling light, revitalised and equally stretched and strengthened. Ailsa’s lively and energetic classes are characterised by smooth and constant movement synchronised with the breath. Creative and intelligent sequencing of poses ensure that your body is moved through all planes of movement whilst aligning with accuracy and safety. Each class is accompanied with eclectic and thoughtfully selected music allowing you to immerse yourself in this moving meditation whilst calming your mind and reducing stress.

Ailsa’s classes are for all levels and suitable for everyone from beginners to those more experienced at practising yoga. Ailsa gives a number of options in more challenging poses to accommodate all levels. Overall, Ailsa’s Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes are deeply relaxing, meditative and physically rewarding experience.

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